Nappies New Born under construction KIT 1 Ducks design In Stock Now

XL Wet Bag Ducks
All-in-Ones: Not currently included
Pockets: Not currently included
Boosters / Inserts: 3 boosters
Wraps: 4 x Bambino Mio, 3 x Little Lamb
Shaped Nappies: 7? In total. Mix of totsbots and little lamb bamboo
Prefolds:  1 x Muslinz Terry prefold, 6 x Bambino Mio
Liners: 10 x Little Lamb Fleece liners
Miscellaneous: 5 x Cheeky Wipes, 5 x Ecopipo WIpes, 1 x Nappy Nippa, 1 x birth to potty size pocket.