Welcome to the Sling Library NI and Nappy Advice Service NI MyTurn page. To find out what we have please click on 'Inventory' in the top left of the page.

We provide a nappy hire service free of charge to households in Northern Ireland. We appreciate donations and suggest £10 for your one month hire. If you are unable to attend any of the meets as there are simply too far for you to travel to we also have volunteers spread across the country that can meet up with you and hire a kit to you. We are hoping to recruit volunteers in other towns to try to spread the fluffy love across more of Northern Ireland. If you have experience in using cloth nappies and would like to volunteer please contact us. Volunteer help at meets is also appreciated. 


All of our inventory is available to browse on this website, please feel free to peruse our carriers and nappy kits, see what is in stock or if an item is due back to a meet you wish to attend. If you have any sling related questions please free to ask in our Facebook Chat group - Carry Your Baby or on our Facebook page Sling Library NI. If you have nappy related questions you can ask in NI Cloth Bums or our Facebook page Nappy Advice Service NI. If you prefer not to use social media you can contact us via email at SlingLibraryNI@gmail.com.

To hire you will need to bring proof of name and address, an official letter dated within the last three months and proof of name and signature such as a bank card. This will allow us to open an account in your name and you can you can check up on your hire, when it is due back and if you have any outstanding last fees. Late fees will be increasing but if you re-new your hire it is the usual £10 per month. Please read the terms and conditions when hiring.

By attending a meet you are agreeing to the following:

1. Our peer supporters and consultants are trained in how to show carers how to wear babies in our carriers, as a client please refrain from demonstrating to other clients. If you would like to help out at a meet please contact one of the Directors either at the end of a meet or via Facebook.

2. If you are an experienced babywearer and already know about TICKS, the optimal 'M' position and have previously been shown a carrier style by a consultant or peer supporter you may look at our carriers yourself but please be aware that priority for the carriers should be for the consultants and peer supporters helping carers.

3. If you wish to hire a carrier, you must make sure you have had a demonstration either at this meet, a consultation, a workshop or a previous meet and you have a fitting with a peer supporter or consultant with this carrier at this meet. Then take your choice to the admin desk in plenty of time to check it out before the end of the meet.