Nappies kit 27 Birth to Potty Dino Party In Stock Now

XL Wet BagDinosaur Party (Pink and Purple Dinos)

All-in-Ones:1 x TotsBots easyfit patterned, 1 x 1 x TotsBots easyfit block colour, 1 x Bambino Mio

Pockets:2 x Baba & Boo, 1 x Fuzzi Bunz

Boosters / Inserts:2 x Baba & Boo, 1 x Flip, 1 x Little Lamb, 2 x Hemp, 1 x charcoal

Wraps:2 x TotsBots, 1 x Motherease, 1 x Bambino Mio

Shaped Nappies:1 x TotsBots, 1 x Little Lamb

Prefolds:2 x size 2, 1 x Size 1

Liners:2 x Little Lamb, 4 x Fleece, 4 x Bambinex

Miscellaneous:1 x Medium Wet Bag, 1 x Nappi Nippa, 10 x Ecopipo Wipes