Nappies New Born Kit 09 Cupcake In Stock Now

All-in-Ones (AIOs): 1 x Lil Joey (green), 1 x Bambooty EasyDry (lion & giraffe print), 1 x TotsBots Teenyfit (Humpty Dumpty print), 3 x Old Style TotsBots (incl. 1 insert to pop in each), 1 x Bitti D'lish (+1 insert)

Pockets: 1 x Lollipop (cow print), 1 x EcoPipo (green), 1 x Fuzzi Bunz (white)

Birth-To-Potty (BTP): 1 x Unbranded BTP pocket nappy for trial on baby to see if they fit yet

Wraps: 4 x Bambino Mio, 1 x Cotton Bottoms, 2 x Thirsties, 2 Little Lamb

Shaped nappies (require a wrap as not waterproof): 3 x Little Lamb Bamboo size 1, 3 x Little Lamb Cotton size 1, 1 x Blueberry 

Boosters and inserts: 1 x Bambino Mio prefold, 2 x unbranded prefolds, 3 x microfiber inserts, 3 x Bamboo inserts, 5 x Bambooty Microfiber inserts, 1 x unbranded wide insert

Liners: 5 x Bambinex, 5 x Little Lamb fleece

Miscellaneous: 5 x Cheeky wipes (white, 5 x Ecopipo wipes (coloured), 1 x medium sized wet bag, 1 x nappy nippa

1 x bag of non-bio washing powder,  1 x info pack, 1 x Photo explanation sheet, 1 x large wet bag (cupcake print)