Antrim and Newtownabbey (Green KR) Birth to Potty Kit 3 Due 19/11/2019

This item is reserved for residents of the Antrim and Newtownabbey area. This a two month hire. Please contact or private message to hire this kit or to be placed on the waiting list. You can hire one of our regular kits and then hire one of the A&N kits when you reach the head of the list if you wish.

Please note this may not fit newborns, many of the nappies have a lower weight indication of 8lb. If you wish to cloth nappy from newborn you may request one of our regular Newborn kits and then hire one of these kits when your baby reaches the appropriate size, there may be a waiting list and as above you can hire a regular BTP kit.

The kits include a list of the items, an information sheet with washing instructions, information recap and cloth safe creams list and it will also have a photo guide to the items in the kit.

In the kit is:

Ecopipo - 1 x All in One Firefighters, 1 x insert

Ecopipo - 1 x Wrap Cheeky Monkeys

Ecopipo - 1 x Pocket Yellow, 1 x insert

Close Pop-In - 1 x All in One Gen V2 Pink, 2 x inserts

Ecobebe - 1 x Crocs outer, 2 x inserts

TJs - Pocket Silhouette, 1xCCNappies microfibre insert, 1xCharlie Banana insert.

Bambinex XL Wet Bag Tiger and Kid design

Bambooty -1 x Basics Chestnut, 1 x insert

Little Lamb - 1 x Bamboo Shaped Nappy and 1 x Wrap Red

Little Lamb - 7 x Liners

Little Lamb - 1 x Pocket Nappy Purple, 2 x Bamboo inserts

CCNappies - Pockets 1 x Superhero family, 1 x DJ, 4 x Microfibre Inserts

BumGenius - All in Ones 1 x Elemental Mirror ,1xFreeTime Grasshopper

TotsBots - 1 x Peenut Outer Orange, 1x Small insert, 1 x Medium insert, 1 x Bamboozle,1xBamboozle insert

Blueberry - Capri Wrap Farm

TotsBots - 1 x Medium WetBag , 1 x Easyfit Star Red

Boosters - 3 x Bambino Mio flat nappy, 2 x Little Lamb Prefold Bamboo, 2 x Little Lamb Bamboo Size 2, 1 X Hemp Babies

Cheeky Wipes - 5 x Wipes

Baba and Boo1 x Pocket Nappy origami, 2 x bamboo inserts