Nappies Antrim and Newtownabbey (Blue KR) Birth to Potty Kit 1 In Stock Now

The kits include a list of the items, an information sheet with washing instructions, information recap and cloth safe creams list and it will also have a photo guide to the items in the kit.

In the kit is:

Ecopipo - 1 x All in One Firefighter, 1 x insert

Ecopipo - 1 x Wrap Elephants Gray

Ecopipo - 1 x Pocket Deep Purple, 1 x insert

Close Pop-In - 1 x All in One Get V2 Green, 2 x inserts

Ecobebe - 1 x Bunnnies outer, 2 x inserts

TJs - Pocket Pink Glasses, 1xCCNappies microfibre insert, 1xCharlie Bananas insert.

TJs - 1 x XL Wet Bag Sports

Bambooty -1 x Basics Chestnut, 1 x insert

Little Lamb - 1 x Bamboo Shaped Nappy and 1 x Wrap Green

Little Lamb - 7 x Liners

Little Lamb - 1 x Pocket Nappy Red, 2 x Bamboo inserts

CCNappies - Pockets 1 x Blue Whale, 1 x Superhero Family, 4 x Microfibre Inserts

BumGenius - All in Ones 1 x Elemental Peach,1xFreeTime Black

TotsBots - 1 x Peenut Outer Rainbeau, 1x Small insert, 1 x Medium insert, 1 x Bamboozle,1xBamboozle insert

Blueberry - Capri Wrap Lemon

TotsBots - 1 x Medium WetBag , 1 x Easyfit Star Purple

Boosters - 3 x Bambino Mio flat nappy, 2 x Little Lamb Prefold Bamboo, 2 x Little Lamb Bamboo Size 2, 1 X Hemp Babies

Cheeky Wipes - 5 x Wipes

Baba and Boo1 x Pocket Nappy origami, 2 x bamboo inserts