Nappies New Born KIT 12 Ducks design In Stock Now

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XL Wet Bag Ducks
All-in-Ones: Not currently included
Pockets: 1 x Ecopipo Newborn, 1 x TJs Newborn
Boosters / Inserts: 5 x Little Lamb microfibre size 1, 1 x TotsBots cotton, 1 x Bambino Mio, 1 x Ecopipo cotton small, 1 x Ecobebe mixed materials, 1 x Ecopipo newborn bamboo mix, 1 x Ecopipo newborn Microfibre, 1 x TJs Newborn 
Wraps: 5  x Little Lamb size 1, 1 x Bambino MIo, 1 x prorap
Shaped Nappies: 2 x TotsBots no fastenings, 2 x Little Lamb Bamboo sz1,  3 x Little Lamb microfibre
Prefolds: 3 x unbranded prefolds, 1 x Muslinz Terry prefold, 2 x Wonderoos v3, 1 x BumGenius flip organic cotton
Liners: 5 x Little Lamb Fleece liners, 5 x Bambinex liners, 1 X Milovia, 1 x Silk Disana
Miscellaneous: 2 x Cheeky Wipes, 9  x Ecopipo WIpes, 1 x Nappy Nippa, birth to potty:1 x china cheapie