Nappies kit 20 (SURFS UP) Birth to Potty In Stock Now

Shaped Nappies (require covers as not waterproof): TotsBots Bamboozle brown x 1 orange x 1 (+ 2 inserts attached to the nappies via poppers) 

Boosters / Inserts: 4 x Little Bloomz Bamboo, 5 x hemp (highly absorbant great for night-time), 1 x Little Lamb Bamboo flat, 1 x Baba and Boo Charcoal, 3 x unbranded bamboo boosters, 3 close pop-in general boosters, 2 x Flip microfiber, 1 x Fuzzibums microfiber, 1 x Bumgenius microfiber, 4 x unbranded microfiber

All-in-Ones: 1 x Pop-in original (turquoise) , 1 x Pop-in (peach), 1 x Pop-in Dream Dry (white), 1 x Bambino Mio Miosolo (snake print), 2 x TotsBots easyfit (1 white & 1 bunny print), 1 x Basix blueberry diaper (giraffe print), 1x smartipants (green)

Pockets: 2 x Littlez and Blooms (wale and birds prints), 1 x BumGenius, 1 x unbranded (similar to Littles and Blooms), 1 x unbranded (soft with turtles) 

Wipes: 9 x cheeky wipes

Fleece liners: 10 x Bambinex, 2 x BumGenius, 2 x unbranded (1 blue mushroom print & 1 yellow)

Wraps: 1 x Blueberry Capri, 1 x Bambino Mio, 1 x Mother Ease Air Flow

Wet Bags: 1 x Medium Rainbow design TJs, 1 x Medium ABC design, 1 x Large Surfs Up design