Nappies New Born Kit 06 (Flamingos & Orange Key Ring) In Stock Now

This is a general New Born kit in an xl wet bag (Flamingos Theme with a Orange Key Ring)

Birth to Potty size: Ecopipo wrap x 1, BumGenius pocket x 1, TotsBots All-in-One x 1 (To test to see if your baby is ready for Birth to Potty sized nappies)

Liners: Little Lamb x 4, Bambinex x 8

Shaped Nappies: Little Lamb bamboo x 2 , Little Lamb microfibre x 1, Little Comfort Cotton x 1, Blueberry x 1, Sandy’s Small x 1, Sandy’s Small x 2

Inserts / Boosters: Little Lamb Bamboo sz 2 x 5 , BumGenius microfibre x 5, Hemp x 5

Wraps: Little Lamb Sz1x 1 , Cotton Bottoms NB x 2, Prorap NB x 1, Prorap sm x 1, Vento S x 1, Blueberry mini x 1, Bambino Mio x 4, Little Comfort S x 1, Motherease Airflow Sm x 2,

Prefolds: Bambino Mio x 4, Cotton Bottoms x 4, Nappi Nippa x 1PocketsLollipop x 1, Charlie Banana Sm x 1

Wipes & Wet Bag: Cheeky Wipes, Little Lamb Wet Bag

All-in-Ones: Lil Joey x 1, BumGenius x 1