Nappies WRAPS/ Night Kit 01 (SWIRLS) WRAPS & INSERTS / NIGHT Birth to Potty In Stock Now

This kit is mostly Wraps and Inserts. With this style of nappy you can reuse the wrap 3 or 4 times unless it is soiled, in which case it should be washed. Wraps and inserts or shaped nappies are usually a good option for over night as they tend to hold a lot, therefore this kit doubles as out night nappy kit.

wool nappy cover x 2

Cheeky Wipes x 10

Ecopipo 1 x Night Nappy, 1 x Cotton Insert, 1 x Tab 1 x Wrap

Ecobebe Kittens Wrap x 1, 1 x Long Stay Dry Insert

10xBambinex Liners

Hemp Boosters 2 x Hemp Babies, 2, Ella's House, 1x Best Bottom

Motherease Wraps 2 x Rikki Med, 1 x Rikki Large, 2 x Airflow Medium

TotsBots Peenut, 2 inserts

1 x TotsBots sized wrap

BumGenius Flip Cover

BumGenius All in One (Elemental) Cotton Albert Print

TotsBots Bamboozle 1 x Stretch, 2x Inserts, 1 x Old style

Little Lamb Shaped nappies 1 xCotton, 1 x Bamboo, 1x Liner

Motherease Shaped Nappies 2x one size diaper, 1 x Sandy's small

Little Lamb Bamboo 2 x Flats, 5 x Boosters

Wraps 2 x Large Wrap 1 x LargeShaped Nappy

5 x Bambino Mio Cotton Flats,

1 x BumGenius Flip organic cotton

1 x Nappy Nippa

Blueberry Capri Wrap

2 x Flip Stay Dry boosters

Kits are free to hire we would appreciate a £10 donation if you are able to do so. In order to avoid the £50 deposit please bring a recent official letter dated within the last 3 months to prove your name and address and a separate proof of name and signature such as a bank card. Only one kit per household.