Nappies kit 16 (Gnomes) Birth to Potty In Stock Now

10 x cheeky wipes,

1 x Vest Extender

Liners: 10xBambinex Liners

1 x Wet Bag Large Gnomes Baba and Boo

All in Ones: TotsBots Easyfit x2, 1 x Bambino Mio AIO

Pockets: 1 x Baba and Boo (2 bamboo inserts), 1 x Blueberry (Vehicles), 1 x Unbranded, 2 x BumGeniusPockets 2 x BumGenius

Wraps: 1 x TotsBots PeeNut + 2 inserts, 2 x One Life Sz2, 2 x Bambino Mio Medium

Shaped Nappies: Motherease Shaped Nappies x 2,

Bamboo inserts: Little Lamb 8 x Bamboo inserts, 2 x Baba and Boo Charcoal Bamboo

Microfibre Inserts: BumGenius 5 x Microfibre Insert, 2 x MF Stay Dry