Nappies New Born Kit 04 (Cupcakes) In Stock Now

This is a general New Born kit a Large wet bag (Cupcakes)

1 purple Little Lamb Wrap, size 1

1 lil joey all in one green 

2 baba and boo pocket nappies

4 baba and boo inserts 

1 bumgenius all in one Harper

10 x Cheeky wipes

5 x Bambinex Liners

5 Little Lamb bamboo inserts, size 1

2 microfibre inserts, size 1

5 Little Lamb bamboo shaped nappies, size 1

4 Little Lamb microfibre shaped nappy, size 1

4 little lamb fleece liners 

7 Bambino mio cotton trifold inserts

1 Lollipop Pocket cows 

2 little lamb Wraps white 

2 Cotton Bottom Wraps Small

1 Cotton Bottom Wrap Newborn

1 medium wet bag  origami