Nappies Kit 02 (Handprints) - Birth to Potty (velcro freetime - elastics gone on flip) In Stock Now

This is a general kit with 10 items in an xl Handprint themed wet bag.

5 x BumGenius inserts Microfibre

2 x BumGenius flip prefold cotton insert

1 x BumGenius All in One freetime velcro love lace design

10 x Cheeky wipes

1 x Baba and Boo Medium Wet Bag

5 x Little Lamb insert size 2 bamboo

2 x TotsBots Shaped insert Bamboozle (1 x Red, 1 x purple)

10 x Bambinex liners

1 x Ecopipo wraps, 1 x Night nappy, 1 x Long Insert, 1 x Prefold

2 x BumGenius Flip (1 x Noodle, 1 x blue)

3 x Little Bloom pocket BTP ( 1 X Blue and Rockets, 1 X White and Sea creatures 1x Light blue and diggers)

2 x Totsbots easy fit white

Kits are free to hire we would appreciate a £10 donation if you are able to do so. In order to avoid the £50 deposit please bring a recent official letter dated within the last 3 months to prove your name and address and a separate proof of name and signature such as a bank card. Only one kit per household.