Pocket Nappies Kit 01 Birth to Potty In Stock Now

This kit is for clients who have already tried cloth nappies and know they would like to try different brands of pocket nappies and a wide variety of inserts.

This kit includes:

Sweatpea 2 x Pockets

Baba and Boo Pockets x 2

Little Lamb pockets 1 x One Size 1 x Size 3

Cheeky Wipes x 10 , 1 x Vest Extender

CCNappies 1 x Dr Who pocket, 2x MF inserts

Charlie Banana 1 x OS

Unbranded 2 x China Cheapies

Baba and Boo Medium WetBag

Qianqunui 2 x Pockets

Ecopipo pocket + 1 x long insert

BumGenius Pockets 1 x V5 purple, 2 x version unknown white

Mixed Hemp Inserts 2 x Hemp Babies, 2 x Ella's House

Mixed Microfibre Inserts 2 x BumGenius, 4 x Sweatpea, 2 x Bambino Mio, 2 x Charlie Banana

Baba and Boo Medium Wet bag

Mixed Bamboo Inserts 2 x Baba and Boo White, 2 x Baba and Boo Charcoal, 5 x Little Lamb Flats, 5 x Little Lamb Size 2 Boosters

Mixed Cotton Inserts 1 x Flip Organic Cotton, 5 x Bambino Mio Cotton