Nappies Kit 04 - (Sports) Birth to Potty (Display kit) Overdue

This kit is generally used for display. If it doesn't have the washing instructions please see the Maintenance section of this entry. The items in this kit have been recently changed slightly. This list and the hire form are not fully up to date. Oct 2018.

Blueberry wrap 1 x white and giraffes

BumGenius Pocket Suede Cloth 1 x Green Harper 1 x Pink

BumGenius Flip Wrap White and Hats (Chaplin) PUL

BumGenius Insert x 5 microfibre large

Cheeky wipes pink x 10

TotsBots Shaped insert Bamboozle Green

Econobum 2 x prefold

Little Bloom Microfibre inserts x 6

BumGenius 2 x Albert FreeTime (Sewn line across front - cannot be used - will leak)

Bambooty Basics 1 x Plum Purple

BumGenius Elemental 1 x Chico

Little Bloom 5 x Bamboo&Microfibre inserts

Littles & Bloomz Pocket 1 x Purple and cupcakes 1 x White and animals

BumGenius Insert x 2 microfibre & suede cloth (stay dry) large