Nappies Kit 03 (Dinos) Birth to Potty In Stock Now

This is a general kit that will suit from around one month old to around 35lb (around 2 1/2 years old).

Ecopipo1 x pocket, 1 x Alli-in-one

Close pop-in1 x wrap, 2 x soakers

BumGenius 5 x microfibre inserts small

Liners 4 x little lamb, 1 x bumgenius sockLittle lambbamboo inserts size 2 x 6

TotsBots Easyfit 1 x white, 1 x three little pigs

TotsBotsBamboozle 1 x brown and blue, 1 x red and orange

Little Lambsize 2 wraps 1x white, 1 x purple

Baba and Boo Medium Wet Bag Origami

10 x cheeky wipes

Bambinex10 x Liners

BumGenius 2 x Pockets White

Sweatpea 2 x Pockets, 4 x MF Inserts

TotsBots Easyfit 1x purple, 1 x Stars

Unbranded China Cheapies 1x winnie the pooh, 1x scooby doo

Little lamb Shaped nappy size 2 Bamboo